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Here’s to being 25. Cheers.

TOP 25 lessons. Bite-sized.

1) No matter how famous, rich, beautiful or happy – EVERYONE has their struggles.

2) Mother, Mother, Mother – The Most important person in your life. Her happiness is your blessings. Take care of her heart and you will lead a life of wonderment.

3) Your friends are few – Yeah so Facebook says you have 2000 over friends but you’d be surprise to know how many people outwardly cant stand the sight of you, secretly hate you, don’t really care, can’t unfriend you because ‘it will be so awkward’, keep tabs on your achievements and if they are lucky, your failures. Sounds harsh but welcome to 25 years of life. (Oh and i know who you are) As for the ones who have been there all along, treasure these people and love them hard.

4) Siblings = REAL-est friends you will ever have. No one else will tell it straight to your face like them. Also the ones who will go out of their way for you when you need it most. (Key word :Most) Also, the people who let you experience the feeling of wanting to yank someone’s hair out of their head.

5) Marriage is not THE happy ending. You need to work hard for happy endings. This includes but not entirely limited to spending a huge chunk of your time, sacrifices, sharing, arguments, fights, situations that will test your ego on levels you have never experienced, apologizing even when you are right, changing your entire environment etc. (No i am not married, I am just wise like that)

6) Faith is not a constant feeling of highs and perfection. The struggle is real. You have highs AND lows. If there are days you doubt God and His existence and you are crying out for Him – you are still on the right track.

7) Never assume the extent/level/intensity of a person’s faith based on their outward appearances or outward piety AND Never underestimate a person’s faith based on their outward appearances or lack of outward piety (This needs to be on repeat)

8) Laughter really is the best medicine. Learn to see funny and laugh. Earn extra credits by making people laugh. (But not at the expense of others because that is just plain mean)

9) It really isn’t what you say but HOW you say it. (Don’t believe me? Try saying something horrible and give them a hug at the same time)

10) No kind deed or word is ever too small. EVER. I cannot emphasize on this enough.

11) Waiting for death is significantly easier than the approval of the masses.

12) A single drop of sincerity can wipe out all the fires of hell.

13) Not everyone with a qualification is knowledgeable so be very very very selective with who you take advice and guidance from.

14) Keep going even when you’re tired for that is when your real training begins. (Quote i saw at the gym but i feel it for other aspects too)

15) Humans are NOT infallible. Yes, your Shaykh, Priests, Rabbis, Politicians, Guruji, Monks, Parents, Media, Teachers etc CAN make mistakes too! (and they will)

16) No matter what your belief is – your soul needs feeding and nourishing too. Spend time with nature.

17) Money is NOT the root of all evil.

18) Spending time ALONE with yourself is CRUCIAL and absolutely precious. Do it more often.

19) When your environment is clean and organized, so is your mind. Tested and proven.

20) TRAVEL. The best thing you can gift to yourself in the short time you have in this world.

21) Never stop reading. (and i mean a proper book) Not Kindle. Add as much non-fiction as you can to the list. The more you read, the more you’ll realise just how little we actually know.

22) You can respectfully disagree with someone and still love them and maintain kindness and compassion. (Half the world hasn’t realised this yet!)

23) Life is a battlefield and you ALWAYS have a choice. So choose your battles and fights wisely.

24) In this crazy world, thank God for animals. Treat them with kindness and love.

25) Food. Unites. People.

To March babies and all 25 year olds this year – here’s to the next quarter of a century!