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  1. Salam Sister, I read your entry on your letter to the churches and it struck me. I am Muslim but I come from a very mixed family. My father was born a Catholic and converted when he married my mother. That leave his entire family still Catholic. Does that divide us? No. It’s strengthens us. I was raised by my paternal grandparents and in a very Catholic home. Not once did they try to convert me but they raised me to understand my own religion. Today, we celebrate Christmas with them and I have had not so nice comments from some Muslims saying it’s haram but hey, to each its own, I guess. I loved your article and I would like to invite you to write for my magazine. I am the editor of Gaya Magazine which is based in Singapore but has grown to be an international magazine. Alhamdullillah. Our content is a compilation of voluntary contributions from Muslim women all over the world. While we are a Fashion magazine, we do also talk about hard hitting issues in our Inspire section to get us thinking and questioning. If you are interested, which I hope you are, you can email me at the email stated above. Would love to have you as part of our growing Gaya family of contributors.

    Salam & regards,
    Juliana Iskandar

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